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Après le Tennis, le prochain événement sportif sera le Tour de France réputé dans le Monde tel que publie le magazine LIFE en 2014. Le dopage exixte déjà selon l’article en anglais que je me permet de publier un extait…



LIFE at the 1953 Tour de France: Rare Photos of a Sport Spectacle

Ben Cosgrove

Jun 17, 2014

…For the Tour de France, entire countries seem to stand still. For the three weeks that the riders are pushing themselves to the very edge of human exertion, and then pushing beyond, millions of people think of nothing else, talk of nothing else, watch and read of nothing else. C’est tout!

That said, of course, not everything Tour de France-related is quite sweetness and light, no matter how overwhelming the attention it receives or how celebrated its history. After all, it’s impossible to even touch upon the tour without addressing the sport’s colossal and enduring doping problem, an issue so well-documented that big-time bicycling can sometimes make horse racing feel, by comparison, like an utterly pure, unblemished pursuit. Indeed, there are times when it seems as if every bicycling champion in recent memory has either tested positive for a banned substance, or has been and will forever be hounded by undying accusations.

Bicycling’s drug problems didn’t begin recently. There have been charges and admissions of cocaine and amphetamine use, for example, since the 1940s, while rumors of riders taking everything from nitroglycerin to exotic concoctions that today might be classified as « bathtub » or « designer » drugs (depending on who’s doing the cooking) have dogged the sport for close to a century…

Tour de France 1953

Tour de France 1